How to Write a Scholarship Thank You Letter

How to Write a Scholarship Thank You Letter

Congratulations! You earned a scholarship! This is an exciting time and you deserve to be happy. You were picked because you impressed the judges of the scholarship and you deserved it! The donors are great people that were very generous and cared about providing you aid in getting a great education. In general, the donors ask for nothing in return of this amazing gift. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them something. A scholarship thank you letter is a special way to show your appreciation for receiving the reward. Donors will love reading that you are grateful and remind them that you were a great choice to receive the scholarship!

Just like any letter, there are things you should focus on to make sure its great. Here are some tips on how you can further impress donors with a scholarship thank you letter.

Clear and to the Point

Chances are, the donors are very busy people. Try to avoid sending the a thank you letter that drags on for a long time. Be clear, precise, and short. You can get the point across and make a great impression without getting too wordy.

Keep it Correct

As with any letter, you need to make sure all of it is grammatically correct and makes sense. Remind the donors why you were given the award by providing them a perfectly written letter. Perhaps if you leave a good impression you could be considered for future scholarships from them.

Be Excited and Sincere

While you want to stay somewhat formal, expressing excitement in your scholarship thank you letter is perfectly ok. They have literally changed your life and expressing that you are extremely happy and grateful will make them satisfied that they chose a good candidate for the award.

Consider Hand Written

While it isn’t necessary, choosing to hand write your scholarship thank you letter will give it a personal touch. When something is done by hand, it shows that it took a little more work and time. The donors will realize that their scholarship meant a lot to you.

You were given the scholarship for good reason. Your academic abilities and personal qualities soot out above the rest of the applicants. When you send a scholarship thank you letter, it shows the donors just how much it meant to you. They will love to receive this from you and taking the time to write a great thank you letter will make you realize just how much you appreciate the award as well!