Dell Scholarship

Dell Scholarship

College isn’t easy. Affording college can be even more difficult. Sometimes a little help goes a long way when it comes to getting into college. Low income students, especially first generation, face even more challenges than a typical student. School and home life difficulties are much more common in these situations, which can make the idea of college even more difficult. On average, only 20 percent of students graduate college within six years of starting.

The people in charge of the Dell Scholarship have helped change that. Their students have an 80 percent graduation rate. The Dell Scholarship isn’t like most scholarships. The only GPA they use to determine those who are eligible is Grit, Potential, and Ambition. They must overcome personal challenges on a day to day and long term basis. They must participate in programs that help prepare them for college, and pursue advance education. They must have prepared themselves for the idea of graduating from college, and taking big steps in the bettering of themselves and others.

The Dell Scholarship is an amazing program that helps students achieve their dreams. Below are some of the program benefits from their home site:

  • A $20,000 scholarship for at least six years. This is to help lessen the loans and debt a student would otherwise have.
  • A scholars Resource Network – this will connect students with tools to deal with debt, life, and stress along the way and past education.
  • A personal laptop, textbooks, tutoring, and multiple other supports a student may need.
  • Never-ending support for financial, emotional, and personal challenges that are preventing them from doing their best.

The Dell Scholarship has helped over 500 students a year for several years now, helping over 4,300 total students to date. The scholarhip program’s mission statement is as stated:

“Our goal is to empower more low-income students to attend and graduate from college by working with each scholar individually. Well beyond financial aid and academic support, we provide ongoing support to address the emotional, lifestyle, and financial challenges that may prevent our scholars from completing college – from dealing with stress, to getting out of debt, to managing child care, and dealing with circumstances of life.”

The Dell Scholarship is an amazing opportunity for low income first generation students in their goal of graduating college. The personal support each student gets is unlike any other scholarship available. This program is investing its money AND TIME into the future of each individual.