Business Grants for Felons

Business Grants for Felons

Over the last decade, the U.S Government has passed several major pieces of legislation to address the problem. And millions of dollars of federal money has been earmaked to help former felons reintegrate into the workforce, however, there is not a federal grant program where you can apply for personal grant as these programs simply do not work in that way. And finding help for each individual situation can be tough. In almost all cases, the federal grant funding is filtered down to the state labor departments that help place former felons into suitable jobs and to faith-based and community programs whose mission it is to work one on one with ex-convicts after releases.

Many ex-felons could have changed for the better if only they given a good opportunity to do so. Never the less, even through the law protects ex-felons for fair treatment to job opportunities, jobs remain difficult to come by. The instability of our economy coupled with the increasing competitiveness of other jobs seekers just makes matter worse. It’s no body’s fault that jobs felons seeking jobs are hard to come by. According to studies, about 80$ of US companies background-check their applications. And sadly, many ex felons seeking jobs just don’t stand a chance against the average application.

Yes, jobs are necessary for the for the full rehabilitation of a person with felony records. But realistically, is finding a job as ex-felon even possible? Can people with previous undesirable records find jobs. How would you explain your past mistake? Even if you granted the same fair treatment as regular job seeker, how can you prove o potential employer that you are a better choice than the other job applications? How can prove that you deserve to receive any of jobs they offer

How to Apply

Felons with innovative business ideas and a well written business plan can contact community leaders, angel investor and

other business people to market and gain support for the idea.

They can also collaborate with non-ex-felons to achieve their business goals and obtain grants. When your’re talking about getting money from the federal government, it would seem as though grants for convicted felons would not be provided. After all, many felony convictions the majority of states results in the loss of certain civil rights. The most common civil right that a person loses when they are convicted of a felony is the right to keep and bear arms, protected by the Second Amendment.


The underlying benefit of all grants for convicted felons is providing financial support to meet the basic requirements of healthy

living and to permit an offender the opportunity to become a productive member of the community.


Some ex-offenders assume that they automatically will access grants upon their release from custody. In fact, a felon needs to

be very proactive and take affirmative steps to find grant resources and apply for assistance. Grants for felons can be researched online and through the counselors while a prisoner is still incarcerated.

Government grants is used to prevent felons from getting back into criminal activity. The worst that can happen is to be convicted as a repeat offender. Basic relief programs and basic rehabilitation programs help felon return to society successfully. They often provide transitional programs which help ex-convicts rehabilitate themselves before they go back to society. Some of their services also include help in various areas, such as valid identification and create of job fairs.