Business Capital Grants

Business Capital Grants

As the economy suffers, people continue to experience job loss and salary reduction. Businesses are struggling to create a positive cash flow, let alone generate enough capital for business expansion. It gets harder for businesses to find capital investors. Even in times of plenty, it’s always smart to explore all your options for getting business capital and especially when it comes with no required repayment!

Whether you are starting out in a brand new business or are enjoying success in an already established venture, to help your business grow you need to take a look at currently available government grants for business.

You can receive capital for business start-up or expansion

Corporations, foundations, professional groups, private entities, and of course government organizations are offering grants and other funding options for business start-up and expansion.

Business Start-up

During this economic recession, unemployment is high and financial security is low. Why not create your own job security by starting a business? Take control of your financial future during these difficult economic times. Government grants, contracts, low-interest loans to start a busienss may be the best way for you to find your start-up capital.

Business Change or Expansion

If you already own a small business and you need to take it in a different direction in order to be more marketable or to better adjust to the demands of your market, consider business capital grants as a good way to finance this change.

Grants for business can include business in many forms: from small, home-based businesses to paperless, internet businesses; from manufacturing to retail. You can do it with financing from grantors or other funding sources.

How to Start

Wondering how to get government grants or other funding for your business? Today, most grants can be applied for online, streamlining the process. Applying for government grants or any kind of grant, for that matter is a fairly straightforward process, if you can quickly find and sort through the important information. You can usually apply for grants online, from the comfort of your home. But in the grand scheme of things, applying for business grants is the easy part! What’s most exhausting is the research process that must happen before you get to the applications. First, you search out grantors, then their grants. Once you determine if you are eligible, you find their application requirements and apply.

But you won’t have to worry about all that research when you work with We’ve helped do some of the main research for you! Our team of research experts have scoured the grant scene and catalogued all the available grants on our members-only site. There, you can view everything you need to know to get started.

Using can make your time more effective, as you bypass the dozens of hours you could easily spend doing research, and skip straight to applying for relevant grants.

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