Top Nursing Scholarships Available for Young Student

Top Nursing Scholarships Available for Young Student!

School can be expensive, especially for nursing students. With so much to pay for, and a busy academic schedule, as a nursing student you may feel like you don’t have the time to find grants you can apply for. Below are some great nursing scholarships you can apply for! If you take the time to go over them and do a little research yourself, you will find a nursing scholarship perfect for you!

American Association of Colleges of Nursing

This association offers tons of scholarships that pertain to nursing students. They offer wide ranged scholarships, from income based to reginal. This is a great site to look at to find some potential large scholarships opportunities. Their website provides a great search engine to filter the results that are relevant to you. That away you can quickly pinpoint nursing scholarships that you are eligible for and apply right away!

Health Resources and Services Administration

This company has amazing opportunities for students who are pursuing a degree in nursing. One nursing scholarship they offer is within the Nurse Corps Scholarship program. It offers funding for tuition and other expenses. To receive the scholarship, the student must commit to two years to an eligible Nurse Corps site. It is a great opportunity to get a lot of financial aid.

Minority Nurse

This is a company that provides nursing scholarships to minority students trying to obtain a degree in nursing. Their website gives tons of scholarships and resources that are available all over the country to minority students. The goal of this company is to get underrepresented groups into the workforce by helping provide aid to those in need.

Society of Pediatric Nurses

This society gives awards, scholarships, and grants to nursing students in need. This site is special because a lot of the grants and scholarships are very specific to certain fields. For example, this site is very helpful for those nursing students who want to work in family care after college. There are lots of field specific nursing scholarships available to those who desire them.

School can get expensive. Nursing students are some of the hardest working students in college. There organizations know that, and they want to help students who need a little assistance in achieving their goals. With a little work, it isn’t hard to find a great nursing scholarship that you are eligible for.