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Review of


That is the first thing you see when you go to No arguing here! School can be terrifying to think about when it comes to all the money it typically requires. For most people, school isn’t something they can afford without a little help. That is were comes in. This site is a great tool for finding great scholarships, for anyone! Its easy, simple, and overall a great tool for finding great scholarships for anyone looking to pay for school.


The homepage gives you one option: Start your Free Search. So, that’s what we did! The site takes you to a registration screen that is a quick questionnaire asking for basic personal information. Once you have finished this. The site has you fill out a scholarship finder questionnaire. This asks everything they need to make you a profile to be better able to find you the perfect scholarships. Once finished, the site provides a database of all the scholarships you might apply for! This whole process took me about ten minutes. Considering all the scholarships it pulled up for me, I’d say it’s ten minutes well spent!


The scholarships on are filtered by tons of criteria. This is great because the more filters there are, the better chance it can find you perfect scholarships for you! Some of the categories include:

  • Academic Major
  • ACT Score
  • Age
  • Artistic Ability
  • Athletic Ability
  • Deadline
  • Employer
  • Ethnicity
  • Financial Need
  • Gender
  • Grade Point Average
  • Honors Organization
  • Military Affiliation
  • Number of Scholarships Available
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Residence State
  • SAT Score
  • Scholarship Amount
  • School Attendance State
  • School Year
  • Special Attributes
  • Student Organization

Within each category, you can search further to find the best scholarships matches for you. No site has a more comprehensive search engine. This means more matches for you, and hopefully, more money!

Final Thoughts

Google searches can only get you so far. It would take HUNDREDS OF HOURS to do what has already done for you. Filtering out the best scholarships for you is an amazing service that should cost lots of money, but of course, is free! The site has over 3.7 million scholarships and grants in their database, which equals BILLIONS of dollars! It only takes a few scholarships to greatly change the chance of you being able to afford college. For anyone needing a little extra money, this website is a must use!