Easy Scholarships to Sign Up For

Easy Scholarships to Sign Up For

Scholarships can be a pain. Countless hours writing long essays and perfecting your resume just to get noticed. You spend hours trying to remember ever activity you have ever done and find a way to make it seem important. Paper after paper on why you deserve this or that scholarship and what you would do with the money, repeatedly. You put in all these hours of work, and you are not guaranteed anything. In fact, you will absolutely be declined more often than approved for scholarships!

Lucky for you, there are quite a few easy scholarships that take very little effort. While it is important to put the work in on other scholarships, these are good for when you need a day to just relax, but still want to try to earn some money for school. They don’t require a lot of time, work, or effort, but still offer good opportunities to get some financial aid. Below are my top five easy scholarships you should be applying for right now

Course Hero $5000 Scholarship

Each month, anyone on Course Hero’s website will be eligible to earn a $5000 scholarship. They will post a question once a month on their site, and if registered, you can submit a 150-wordresponse to the question. The best entry will be rewarded with the $5000 scholarship!

$1000 Cappex Scholarship

GPA isn’t everything. The people at Cappex understand this, so they offer a $1000 scholarship without needing to put in your GPA or write a time-consuming essay! All you must do is create a Cappex profile on the website and tell them what you like to do in your free time. Its that easy!

$2500 Christian College Scholarship

This one is so easy, its not even a competition! This is a drawing anyone that fills out the easy form is eligible for. If chosen, the $2500 can be used to attend any Christian college located in the United States or Canada. The drawing is open to all high school students except seniors. That gives you three years to win!

There are lots of easy scholarship opportunities out there. If you take just a little time to look, you will find hundreds of scholarship opportunities that only take a few minutes to sign up for. While you won’t get them all, signing up for enough will increase your chances of getting some financial help for college, and everyone could use that!