Scholarships for Studying Abroad

Scholarships for Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is something very few people can do in their lifetime. It is an amazing experience that everyone could learn and grow from. Typically, people are a little hesitant to study abroad. This could be for many reasons, but almost always cost is a bit factor in the decision not to go. What a lot of potential abroad students don’t realize is that they can use the current financial aid they have on campus and direct it to studying abroad. In conjunction with scholarships, studying abroad doesn’t have to break the bank. Study abroad scholarships give a specific dollar amount to students for use regarding the experiences they will face during their travel and schooling. There are tons of study abroad scholarships, ranging from extremely competitive, to almost unknown. Searching for study abroad scholarships is crucial for students to be able to afford an amazing educational experience. There are tons of different types of study abroad scholarships, these include:

Background Specific Scholarships

You can get a scholarship based on certain factors such as religion, medical history, gender, race, and other factors. Each scholarship is different, so you need to make sure you always put all your information in to see if you qualify for a special scholarship.

Merit Scholarships

Scholarships that take in account academics, athletics, artistic, or other abilities fall in this category. Extracurricular activities, as well as volunteer or community service hours can result in qualifying for many different scholarships. Again, each scholarship is different, so it’s important to be thorough when looking for them.

Program Scholarships

Oftentimes, study abroad programs have their own special scholarships available to anyone that uses their services. Also, it’s not unlikely the specific school/university you are going through has some sort of study abroad scholarship program that you can utilize. Always make sure to ask a lot of questions before settling on how much you will need to pay. Sometimes a scholarship is as simple as asking!

Destination Scholarships

There are study abroad scholarships that are specifically for the one country you are going to be studying in. This will oftentimes be a small student pool to choose from, so the chances of getting a scholarship like this are pretty good!

With all scholarships, its important to do your research. There are tons of amazing websites that can take your personal information and find you scholarships that you are eligible for. With a little work, you can afford to go learn in a new amazing place!